Teeth Whitening

The quickest approach to whiten teeth is with in-office bleaching. The whitening product is applied directly to the teeth during in-office bleaching. Heat, a specific light, or a laser can all be utilized in conjunction with these products. Only one 30- to 60-minute treatment is required to observe results. However, several consultations are usually required to get dramatic improvements. In-office bleaching, on the other hand, produces remarkable results after just one treatment. This is also the most expensive method of whitening.

Even if you opt to whiten your teeth at home, get a professional cleaning and exam beforehand. You might only need a thorough cleaning to get your smile back to its former glory.

During the exam, your dentist will look for cavities and assess the condition of your gums. It is safer for your mouth to treat any concerns before you whiten.

Inquire with your dentist about which over-the-counter system to use and the amount of lightening you can expect. Teeth darken as people become older, and the amount of color change varies from person to person.